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About IBM Korea

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44 years of IBM in Korea

IBM is a world-famous IT company offering a wide range of quality IT products, services and solutions. Based on three basic beliefs, respect for the individual, best customer service, and pursuit of excellence, we underscore the importance of markets, customers and teamwork and make every effort to satisfy our customers.

IBM played a leading role in driving the first two computing "Waves." While two previous waves of mainframe and client-server computing are still around, IBM is now leading the "Third Wave" of internet revolution as world's most advanced provider of e-business solutions. IBM is helping people to connect through their computers to colleagues, customers, business partners, suppliers, government offices and a huge virtual world of information, services and entertainment.

IBM Korea, established in 1967 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of IBM, celebrated its 38th anniversary in April 2005.

IBM's 38 years of presence in Korea can be summarized as two conspicuous role players: Pioneer and Partner. During the first 15 years, IBM had played a major role in bringing in advanced computer systems and applications to help enhance productivity and competitiveness of Korean customers.

In the following years, IBM has partnered with local companies to help develop computer industry and level up average industrial and manufacturing capability, resulting in venerable partnership with the industry, its customers, employees, and society.

It has now grown into a most admired multinational company in Korea with 2,400 employees and a revenue of 1,037.1 billion Won. And as a token of national recognition for its continued contribution, IBM Korea has received lots of honorable awards. They include :

and so on.

IBM Korea now has 16 local business offices, 11 joint ventures and many business partners, plus LG IBM PC Co., the most recent joint venture with LG Electronics which specializes in PC business.

A close relationship with business partners has resulted in enhanced customer satisfaction through increased service and support availability of IBM Korea as a whole, serving more than 3,500 local customers.

Besides, IBM Korea is bridging worldwide IBM plants with local companies to ensure smooth flows of parts and components to be used in IBM products, including PC's. From 1987, exports by Korean companies to IBM have exceeded imports, which contributed to adjusting trade balances of Korea. IBM technology and quality control concepts were transferred to a number of local manufacturers.

IBM Korea has supported several national projects, such as 1986 Asian Games, 1988 Seoul Olympics, and the 1993 Taejon Exposition.

As a major provider of integrated business solution, IBM Korea is now making utmost efforts to help customers implement e-business in cooperation with several local partners. In 2002, IBM set a new, creative IT view which is called as "e-business on demand". IBM Korea is uniquely positioned to help our customers become on demand businesses.

IBM Korea's deep business and technology expertise - combined with extensive business experience - has helped customers meet their short-term objectives and positioned them for future success. IBM will deliver the true IT utility, the standards-based IT service that provides the lowest cost, usage pricing, capacity on demand, and ease of use by leveraging the economies of scale of a standard multi-client infrastructure, and in the long run, help our customers develop into on demand company .

In July 2002, IBM acquired PwC Consulting. This was the very time when IBM Korea acquired a deeper understanding of customers'business, their issues and their industry. IBM is using the consulting skills gained from PwC Consulting to apply technology, with the strategic and process change to an organization in a way that transforms the business.

IBM Korea is now more able to respond to our customers’ demand for an end-to-end services provider to help them to transform their business by becoming more adaptive, flexible and responsive. This is all part of IBM’s on demand promise.

IBM Korea is now looking to the 21st century with a vision of becoming the nation's most successful and important information technology company by helping our customers apply technology and solutions to solve their problems and take advantage of e-business triggered by internet revolution. IBM Korea's never been more energized than we are about this opportunity to shape the next phase of e-business--- the on-demand world.

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